Yui907: Hey everyone, anyone know anything about if the English DOMO will ever come back? Mar 5, 2014 16:33:00 GMT
Yui907: If someone happened to have the stuff for a server... I might be able to find a place to host it... Mar 5, 2014 16:33:23 GMT
Miantra the Crimson Mage: Well thanks for all the support, glad to see I wasn't the only one who thought DoMO was awesome. To Yui907, we haven't heard anything official yet, but so far one company called Suba Games has revived a few older mmo's and a thread regarding support for.. Mar 8, 2014 4:27:04 GMT
Miantra the Crimson Mage: DoMO has been stickied by someone from the company, so while it's not confirmed, it's also not denied, so if you haven't already, show your support there, and maybe Suba will go for it. Mar 8, 2014 4:28:24 GMT
Arkelsa: is this board still used? Apr 13, 2014 14:13:32 GMT
Arkelsa: Im behind on the times, found this recently, looking to play TW domo, i think i may have messed up my install Apr 13, 2014 14:16:09 GMT
Arkelsa: any support would be appreciated, i'll bookmark this site for now, hopefully someone still mods it Apr 13, 2014 14:16:27 GMT
Miantra the Crimson Mage: Hey, sorry for not replying. Most of the time, it seems to just be me or some random wanderer passing through. Anyways, not sure I can really help you on this. I left the tutorial up, which is the most I can offer. Apr 23, 2014 6:01:44 GMT
Saki: -pounces on- <3 May 10, 2014 21:20:43 GMT
Miantra the Crimson Mage: Hello all ^.^ May 11, 2014 11:13:15 GMT
astaga: so anyone have any good news for the arise of domo? May 15, 2014 8:12:18 GMT
MiMmO93: I just miss this game so much i spent a lot of years and i met a loto of ppl in this awesome game, i hope that it will come back !!!!! Jun 4, 2014 13:46:04 GMT
Miantra the Crimson Mage: As of this morning, Suba Games has confirmed that they are in negotiations with Soft Star to revive the english servers, so now we just have to wait! Jul 19, 2014 3:17:59 GMT
CrezentMaster: Been a real long time, definitely interested in seeing it come back. Jul 27, 2014 0:20:43 GMT
Tsuaja: I sure hope Suba Games is successful in the negotiations with Soft Star to bring DOMO back to English servers Jul 28, 2014 3:49:08 GMT
Chiyone: This is weird but I was a little sad when Domo closed and the full blast of the depression just hit me now. Nonetheless I've been jumping around forums reading about revving Domo ad I really hope Suba does it >.< Jul 30, 2014 7:50:39 GMT
Miantra the Crimson Mage: It has been confirmed as of October 3rd, 2014, we dreamers can dream again soon! Oct 5, 2014 9:31:21 GMT
CrezentMaster: Don't forget to vote for the game to get greenlit on Steam. Nov 18, 2014 6:46:10 GMT
yzma of Sapphire: game is in open beta as of february 13th for those of you still here but in the dark. sign up on subagames for domo beta Feb 4, 2015 21:50:17 GMT
yzma of Sapphire: Hey DOMO Fans,
The following Closed Beta Key partners are live, go get your keys here;
Feb 4, 2015 21:50:42 GMT
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